Thursday, 31 May 2018

Three cornered Leek (version 2)

A new version of the three cornered leek card (now called version 1!) is in progress.

  The first colour down is a blend, with the darker tone at the top of the card this time.

You need to print about a dozen sheets before the ink is sufficiently 'blended' to start the production.
And once printing you cannot add more ink without going through the 'blending' process again.

Blends on the rack

The second colour this time is opaque white. It says 'super opaque' on the tim but still needed two printings to achieve a clean white against the dark blend tones.

The third colour (fourth printing (2 x white)) is the green for the foliage. The pigment ink is mixed with a base to make it slightly transparent. This means that the darker tones of the blend at the top of the card also darkens the tone of the foliage.

Two more colours to go....

And then the text, including a new recipe.