Monday, 30 November 2020

2020 - the end is nigh...

 ...And we will be glad to say farewell to 2020.

It has not been a good year; cataract surgery was delayed 4 times but finally one eye was treated in mid-November. It is difficult to screenprint when you cannot see but how staggeringly bright and colourful the world appears after the operation.

While waiting for surgery I managed to damage 3 toes with the lawn-mower. Entirely my own fault and I remain very embarrassed by the incident. Three months later I am still having to attend the wonderful Stennack Surgery every week to change the dressing!

So what it was a lean year for printing. But here are some of the output:

Cards for The St Ives Jazz Club - this is for the amazing SPYRALZ 

New doors, windows and a hanging basket at the Higher Bussow Farm Studio! 

Phase II - screenprint of Susi and Rebecca socially distanced in an almost empty St Ives