Sunday, 29 April 2018

Introduction sessions

Water-based Screenprinting Techniques

Demonstration Sessions 2018
@ Higher Bussow farm Studios, TR26 3BB

  • The demonstrations are intended for complete beginners to experienced screenprinters who want to explore techniques that are suitable for use with water-based inks.
  • Sessions are informal and limited to four attendees per session to give plenty of time for questions, discussions and hands-on opportunities whenever possible. Please book in advance – email or call/txt Graham 07542692639
  • Session are independent from each other i.e. it is not necessary to attend Session 1 in order to attend later sessions.

  • The sessions can be considered as an induction for using the facilities in the studio at Higher Bussow Farm Studios. 
  • Each session costs £15.00 and includes light refreshments (which includes our home-roast coffee) and free parking.
Session 1Photographic stencils 
  • using hand-cut positives, rubylith and tapes
  • photographic and inkjet printed positives
  • hand-drawn positives – truegrain, invisible tape
  • natural materials e.g. leaves/seaweed/objects
  • coating screens, drying and exposures

Session 2Non Photographic Stencils 
  • Direct stencils made on-screen.
    • Positive drawing fluid
    • Negative reduction methods – screen blockers and wax crayons
  • Indirect stencils.
    • Paper & freezer paper
    • thin acetate film
  • natural materials

Session 3Monoprints 
  • Techniques using manual on-screen methods.
    • water-soluble crayons and pencils
    • Charcoal, graphite and chalk
    • watercolour paints
    • Blends, blockers

Session 4Computer Techniques for Producing Positives 

  • software choices
  • Using Photoshop CS2 and Photoshop Elements 7.0
  • Converting continuous tone to line, half-tones, CMYK